The stock coat variety of German Shepherd is the most common variety. They have shorter overall coats and do not have the hair in the ears or tufts on their legs.

Our beautiful Ava enjoying a nice crisp fall morning on our front covered porch.

Eika aus Gerstbrei and Jag aus Gerstbrei. 2 different black and red Stock coat German Shepherds


Harpy is a beautiful example of one of our stock coat females. She is very red in color and has a huge chiseled head commonly found in our females.


SG Enoks von Buchmann IGP3 Ang is a beautiful example of a bi color working line German Shepherd. He is one of our current stud dogs.


VP3 Loki aus Gerstbrei BH BHOT is another beautiful example of a stock coat male German Shepherd and is another one of our stud dogs. Loki is full showline.


Zep is a very dark stock coat from our Karma and Anuk breeding. He is as beautiful as he is well tempered. He lives with his human mom Kristen in Michigan and competes in IGP.

Cliff, an Ava half brother with his best friend in his amazing home in Ohio!


Minnie, a beautiful female from our T litter, owned and loved by Tom and family!


Another photo of beautiful Minnie.


Capone from our C litter and his little corgi friend. Capone is owned and loved by Abby and family in Michigan!