Now in Indianapolis area, Indiana! We have European bloodline German Shepherd puppies from titled and health tested parents raised in our home to your family! We breed West German showlines and West German working lines.

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We are accepting deposits for Eika’s spring litter, born April 9th and have started a waiting list for Harpy’s litter due June. 

We work very hard and travel far and wide to breed to the highest quality German Shepherds worldwide. We carefully select highly titled dogs that have been tested and trialed at the highest level to make sure we bring our families nothing but the most stable, rock solid temperaments and health. Stability is very important to us. We strive for not only high quality dogs but also enjoy dogs that are beautiful to look at which is reflected in what we produce.

Training dogs professionally since 2007 and breeding German shepherd puppies since 2009, we have relocated to give an even better life for our beloved dog family and to be closer to our training club to better title our dogs! Located in the Indianapolis Indiana metropolitan area we are nestled on a beautiful plot of 10 acres in the quiet country. The dogs absolutely love it here and so do we! Here at Aus Gerstbrei German shepherds, our dogs happiness and well being is very important to us and we love beautiful, healthy, stable temperament dogs. We only breed from health tested and titled parents to ensure that our families get the absolute best puppies we can provide for them. We also keep from our own program and train ourselves so we know what we are breeding and what their strengths and weaknesses are so we can choose appropriate mating partners to make our dogs even better. Improving the breed is very important to us.. health and temperament is a must! We fly all over the world to the best studs that we may find the best suitable partners for our girls. Our homes include Service homes (epilepsy alert, stability, veteran PTSD service dogs), certified SAR dogs, some IGP homes, and mostly families that just want a beautiful healthy stable dog. We breed black and red West German Showlines and sometimes will use some West German working lines in our program.

V Ivana von Buchmann IPO3 FH1 BHOT LBZ right before our very last competition at 9.5 years old

I, Rebecca Buchman am the owner and founder of Aus Gerstbrei German Shepherds. I grew up with dogs and was always fascinated with things you could teach them and how much love an animal could offer to a human. In my adult life I originally started working with rescue dogs out of college, and helping foster and rehabilitating them which was a very rewarding experience and taught me a lot, especially patience! As I worked my career as an artist I also became fascinated with the sport of IGP to bring a dog to its highest point of drive and have control and such a trusting obedience relationship with them. I had started hunting for my first IGP dog and had a very hard time coming up with dogs with good health and good temperament from breeders. I had a dog but he lacked the qualities to get beyond a BH which we worked hard for and developed many health issues. I had then decided to get exactly what I wanted in a dog I would pursue breeding my own and start my own bloodline. Generations later and years later I am very pleased with the dogs I’ve produced and continue to improve my bloodlines to create an ideal dog in temperament, health, and workability that is not only good for sport but easy for families to handle. Families are my biggest client so the need for a stable dog that can settle is very important when breeding future generations. I am still a huge supporter of rescue and I do still accept board and train clients from time to time when we are not preparing for trials or raising a litter. We do our best to keep our prices affordable with all of the hard work, training, expensive titling and health testing we do. We do understand that some families just can’t afford a well bred dog from a reputable breeder so we also highly recommend checking out your local reputable German Shepherd rescue. Some great dogs can sometimes find their way into rescue at no fault of their own.

We are located about one hour from Indianapolis, Indiana and also about two hours from Louisville, Kentucky.

We just want a pet, why do we need a puppy from health tested and titled dogs?

This is the most common question asked by families to breeders who put all their money, heart and soul into their breeding programs.  It has become a marketing ploy also by many backyard breeders who do not have titled or health tested parents that “Dogs from IGP or Schutzhund bloodlines aren’t good for families.” Health testing alone is thousands before we even begin to put titles on our dogs, and then the titling is in the 10,000 plus with everything added up and takes years per dog to achieve! My answer for the average family, they should ESPECIALLY be looking at ONLY health tested and titled parents when looking to purchase a puppy, and here are some very important reasons…

It is more important than ever that the puppy you acquire is of healthy and stable temperament parents and from a breeder that knows their bloodlines inside and out to help best match you with the proper puppy. German Shepherds during their titling are put through some very strict and strenuous tests to make sure they can handle the tasks with the utmost confidence and stability.

Loki coming off the field after a good training session and getting some loving from the training director’s daughter with his bite sleeve. Stability!

The ability to be around people and not be reactive, to hear loud bangs like gun shots, and to handle change of environment and adapt so easily is heavily genetic. We can see it in our puppies as we test them, letting off a gun shot or a loud bang and our puppies continue to play and go about their business without any insecurity over the noise or new place we take them in to do these tests. In the IGP testing dogs must also be stable in a group of people and around neutral dogs. Any fear or aggression in these parts of the testing is faulty and will be DQ. Even from the best breedings from highly titled parents, not every puppy raised and trained can pass these strict titles. Reactive dogs with poor nerves will not have the confidence and courage to attain these titles and are very difficult to live with because they can become unpredictable, and these dogs are a dime a dozen in the puppy market in this country. Reactive dogs are the first to bite in situations like your sister brings her kids over, and they are the first to run and hide when a real threat enters your home due to lacking the confidence needed and their aggression being based in fear. In Germany you must pass IGP trials first before even being able to breed, standards that most German Shepherds in this country could never live up to.

Health testing is just as important. A dog with healthy joints is a lot less money spent at the vet on problems. Joint replacements are many thousands of dollars and have long recovery times. No one wants to put their family dog down at a young age either.

Also, when you choose a reputable breeder to get your puppy from, we want our dogs back if you can not keep them. We are committed to keeping our dogs out of shelters and not contributing to the overpopulation problem. Reputable breeders that really care about their dogs and put so much work into them, really care about what happens to them.

Reputable breeders will ask you a lot of questions before moving forward with bringing home your new family member. We want every fit to be as successful as possible and we want you to have the right dog. We care about you and we care about our dogs.

A baby Loki and Lexi having play time with my nephew, Ben

Here at Aus Gerstbrei we try our best to keep our prices affordable to families. We highly recommend that those people that can not afford a well bred dog from heavily tested bloodlines, that they check out rescues, because what you see is what you get.

Please call or email to inquire about trained dogs, German shepherd puppy litters, or about our board and train program. We are German Shepherd breeders and trainers in Indiana.