We accept board and train dogs from time to time. We offer Pet basic and advanced obedience training as well as IGP foundation obedience and tracking. Please email us to inquire!


Schutzhund Training Phases

For each of the three titles already discussed above, there are three distinct phases: tracking, obedience, and protection.


In this phase, the dog must draw from inherited abilities by using his/her nose to find a person’s track and discover articles that have been dropped along the way. Depending upon the title sought, all tracks will vary in length, shape and age. Tracking is usually done in dirt or on grass. A perfect score is 100 points, with a minimum of 70 needed to pass.


The obedience phase involves numerous and demanding exercises which include heeling on and off leash, a gunfire test, walking through a group of people, motion exercises, recall, a 10-20 minute long down, retrieving, and jumping. A set pattern is demonstrated by the handler from memory (unlike AKC obedience, where the judge calls the pattern for you). A perfect score is 100 points, with 70 needed to pass.


This phase of Schutzhund training is very intricate, advanced, and taught with control in mind. It should not be confused or compared in any way with guard dog or police protection training. A dog competing in the sport of Schutzhund must always prove to have a reliable temperament and must show courage without viciousness. The “bad guy” or “helper” as he is known in the sport always wears protective leather pants and a special sleeve with a jute  cover. The dog is allowed to bite this sleeve and he must bite this in the correct manner. On command, the dog MUST release the bite. A dog will fail if it does not release the bite when commanded to do so. A perfect score is 100 points, with 70 points needed to pass.

Many people view the sport of Schutzhund like preparing for an Olympic Event. One must see their dog as an athlete and learn all the aspects of conditioning, proper diet, and the psychology of it all — for one’s self as well as for the dog.

To compete in the breed ring is a start; to obtain an obedience title is certainly an advancement; to compete in Schutzhund is the ultimate!

At Aus Gerstbrei German Shepherds, the dogs we breed are all titled for Schutzhund training.